Preventative Maintenance

We understand the importance of vehicle maintenance at First Time Fix It. That's why every service comes with a complimentary car health inspection, to provide you with vital information about your car's state.


If your engine seems sluggish and not running up to par, we offer top quality services and repair to keep you engine running as strong as the day it came off of the lot.


The suspension components play a vital role in how your vehicle handles and tire wear. Faulty suspension parts are the number one cause of accelerated tire wear.

Drive train

From growling, squeaking, and grinding noises, to slipping, we have the tools and experience to diagnose any issues your car is having.


From faulty light circuits to warning lights because your engine isn't running optimally, we have the latest technology and know how to locate the issue and fix the issue.



Brakes are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle, so you want them to perform their very best.

Air Conditioning

An inoperative air conditioning system can cause extreme discomfort when behind the wheel during the summer. It can also cause quite a scare in the monsoon season if your windows are fogging up. We recommend annual check ups to ensure your AC system is operating to its full potential to avoid any mishaps or discomfort.