Preventative Maintenance


  • Oil change ranges from $34.99 for conventional oil change to $54.99 for full synthetic oil change.
  • Diesel oil change - $75 includes full synthetic oil with premium filter.
  • Coolant flush - $59.99.
  • Power steering flush - $49.99-$64.99 depending on vehicle and quantity of fluid.
  • Brake flush - $54.99.


Complimentary car health check and fluid top-off included with all oil changes.

All gasoline engine oil change prices include up to 5 quarts of oil.






  • Brakes - $55 for labor plus parts.
  • Diesel brake job includes premium pads and machining rotors (where applicable) - call for pricing.


           Brake prices are subject to change based on pricing of parts depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

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diagnosis and repair

  • $55 per flat rate* hour for diagnosis.

  • $55 per flat rate* hour for repair.

  • $65 per flat rate* hour for mobile diagnosis.

  • $65 per flat rate* hour for mobile repair.

  • What we quote is what you pay.

*Within mechanics, there is a database of how many hours a job requires. You will be charged based off of that database, not actual work hours.